Much like any nation, Red Sox Nation needs to have a domestic policy and a foreign policy.  I will outline my two policies and their associated programs.

Domestic Policy

The purpose of the domestic policy is to increase the Red Sox experience for people while in Boston.  It consists of two plans,  an affordable seating plan and a plan for a Red Sox Nation museum.

Affordable Seating

Affordable seating and ticket availability have long been a point of contention for fans traveling to Fenway.  In addition to talking to the Red Sox leadership about changing policies regarding StubHub and other resellers, I am proposing a 10% To The Nation policy.  As new seats are added, probably to the right field roof area next, 10% of them would be made available to RSN members at a deep discount via a lottery in the off season.  So if 2000 seats are put in, 200 for each home game will be sold at $25 a piece.  This will get 16,200 more RSN members into the ball park over the course of the season.

RSN Museum

The RSN Museum will be open year round, filled with interactive exhibits displaying our rich history.   Now people can enjoy a Red Sox experience no matter what time of year they come to Boston.  Hopefully the revenue generated by the museum can one day finance some of the programs outlined next in the foregin policy section.   A key program for the RSN Museum is the Nation Gives Back program.  This is a program that lets avid RSN members volunteer some time at the museum giving tours and answering visitor questions.  It will cut down on the amount of full time employees needed and let visitors get the scoop from a real RSN member.

Foreign Policy

Besides creating an even more enjoyable experience at Fenway, we must do the same thing all over RSN.   This will be done by setting up organized fan clubs and providing them with literature and occasional  RSN gear for their game day get togethers.  In addition to that, I propose a Bring The Nation To The Nation campaign.

Bring The Nation To The Nation

This program involves having organized functions in the cities where the Sox are playing when on the road.  The local RSN fan club will help choose a suitable location and a membership drive can take place.  Give aways, games and possible appearances will be part of it.  An important part of this program is the Nation Cares program.  The local fan club will identify a local charity that will be promoted during the event, and fund raising can take place.

I hope you like my plans, I look forward to your feedback and your support.  Please vote for Patrick "PK" Kennedy beginning on August 30th by going to RSN President

My Three Questions

I’ve received a few emails already asking how I answered the three questions.  Here they are in their entirety:

1.As President, what would be your first act?

Typically a recently elected president of any organization would take a
few days off and relax from the campaign, then begin to get his or
herleadership together and prepare for inauguration.  I will not have
this luxury. With voting coming to an end on the 28th, I’ll only have
two Twinkie games left to get my cabinet organized so that I can lead
the Nation into the ALDS series against Mr. Ichiro et al. 

However, once I do have that cabinet together I’d like to address one
of the needs of The Nation right off, and that is the ability to
interact with one another in some positive ways.  The good folks over
at have a nice live game chat room in
place, but it’s not well advertised and may not be the right solution
software/bandwidth wise.  The Nation wants to talk during the game and
message boards just don’t work for that.  We need to have multiple chat
rooms to serve the multiple wants and needs of the nation, moderated by
carefully selected moderators.  We also need a place on The Nation
website to visibly promote local RSN clubs that join together around
the world to watch the games together.  My technology background will
help facilitate this matter.

2. As President, what would your advice be to John Henry, Tom Werner, and Larry Lucchino?

As President of RSN, I think it will be important for me to liaise with
the Red Sox front office to ensure that RSN has a voice.  My election
will not be a mandate to participate in trade talks, discuss roster
moves or in any way, shape or form run the Sox on a daily basis. The
Sox already have a President in Mr Lucchino and it is not my intention
to try and take on any of those duties.  I will however remind the
front office that there are several reasons they enjoy working in
Boston instead of say Tampa Bay, and one of those reasons is Red Sox
Nation.  Therefore, The Nation needs to be heard, and I will be that

On that note, I will specifically advise Mr’s Henry, Werner, and
Lucchino that a large part of The Nation is upset with the availability
of tickets.  Yes, I will concede that the diligent fans that live close
to the park and keep a constant eye out for ticket drops can get
tickets to many home games.  But the further from Fenway a fan is, the
less likely this is apt to happen.  And 36% of The Nation resides 100
miles from Fenway.  I will encourage the senior leadership to take a
closer look at the ticket sales process for individual games and Sox
Pax.  It is not a random process as the virtual waiting room states.
Random would be giving everybody one entry ticket, drawing them out of
a hat, and contacting them to see what they’d like to buy.  I’m not
saying this is the correct solution due to the administrative nightmare
of it, but we need to get away from the virtual waiting room,
constantly hitting refresh, and having 30 browsers open.  Also, when I
have this dialog with the Big
Three, I will demand to know HOW has thousands of tickets
available moments after I give up on the virtual waiting room, and I
will demand to know WHY the Red Sox don’t break from the MLB tolerance
of such outfits and urge them to not let ticket resellers advertise at
Fenway.  I think it’s shameful that the Tickets link on goes to
StubHub.   Replay, Ticket Toss and a couple of drawings during the year
are great, but we need to get the December and January processes
refined and we need to put an end to 300% markups online.

3. As President, what would your advice be to Commissioner Selig?

I’m not sure that Commissioner Selig will be looking for advise from
me, or that it would be appropriate for me to offer any.  However,
should the good commissioner come looking to me for advise, I would
tactfully suggest that perhaps he consider if baseball is better off
with him as its commissioner or if it might benefit from change.   Mr.
Selig has brought remarkable change to MLB in his 9 years at the helm.
Interleague play, revenue sharing, the wild card, etc.  However, the
almost daily reports of widespread performance enhancing drug abuse,
coupled with a negative public perception of the commissioner during
the Bonds home run chase, might suggest that it is time for baseball to
move on under different leadership.  If done so now, Mr Selig could
step down with dignity and without scrutiny, and allow someone new to
guide baseball through this difficult time, someone that hasn’t been a
part of baseball during it.


Patrick F. Kennedy
RSN Presidential Candidate

Official Announcement


I’d like to announce my candidacy for President of Red Sox Nation.  I’m positive that over the coming weeks you will come to see that I am the logical choice to represent The Nation for the coming year.  I look forwarding to getting to know as many as you as possible, sharing my ideas with you, and hearing your ideas.

I am confident that my platform will gain your support, and would love to hear any feedback that should like to provide it.

I look forward to a clean campaign.  While not independently wealthy, I’ve decided to finance my campaign on my own.  I will not be soliciting money from you, nor will I accept any unsolicited donations.  I will accept unsolicited tickets.  Especially monster, pavilion, and right field roof tables.